Advent Devotionals

Advent devotional refers to all the preparations both of mind, body, and spirit for the birth of Jesus Christ as the Christmas period comes close. It is also thought to be a preparation of Christians as they await the second coming of their Lord. During the process of doing this, there are a lot of things that are done by the faithful to ensure that they are ready for the moment they have all been waiting for. During the advent devotionals, the following things are encouraged:

First, you are encouraged to be prayerful all the time as you watch out for the big day when Christ will be born in the hearts of the faithful people as well as His second coming to take the Church. Christians are encouraged to step up their prayers because it is thought that it is during such times when the devil is out to confuse and try to derail them from the path so that they do not get the opportunity to be ready for the Lord. You will have to attend a lot of scheduled prayer meetings in Church and homes of other members of your Church just to make sure that your spiritual strength and preparedness is kept intact. See more on this site.

Secondly, you are also supposed to engage in fasting because it complements the strength and meaning of your prayers so that God can be able to look into your heart and bring His blessings upon your life. Fasting is thought to be a great tool for showing sacrifice and intent in your push to establish a strong bond with God as you wait for the birth of Christ as well as His second coming. You can fast with a group of Church members with whom you engage in prayer to seek spiritual nourishment. Read more on lent devotional here.

Lastly, you are encouraged to be patient and never give up your hope nor let your guard down when it comes to prayer and fasting as you await the eventual return of the Lord. Patience is thought to be an important thing to have because you live by faith and no one knows the day or hour when you expect the second coming to happen. However, you have to believe that it will eventually happen and you have to be ready for it by being clean at heart, body, and spirit. You will receive guidance and advice from your religious leaders during this time to help you get through the stages where you encounter doubt. Read more at